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Air Conditioner Installation Service

HVAC Contractors Serving the Puget Sound Area

When those warm Washington summers roll in, it’s time to start thinking about the efficiency of your air conditioner. At AAA Heating & Air Conditioning, we promise to work with you to find the best option for your home and your budget. Over the past few years, HVAC technology has made major improvements in energy efficiency. With these new innovations, you now have the flexibility to choose an AC unit for your home that meets your standards and saves you money on your monthly utility bills!

Our team of HVAC professionals can thoroughly assess your home’s cooling system to provide you with a superior solution that meets your unique needs. In order to provide each of our customers with a solution that works best for their Washington home, AAA Heating & Air Conditioning offers a wide variety of options to choose from.

If you are ready to schedule an air conditioner installation in Kent, Federal Way, or Puyallup, contact us today or call us at 253-234-1278!

Trust AAA for Reliable AC Installation in Puyallup & Summer, WA

To improve home comfort, we recommend choosing one of our high-efficiency, central air conditioners. By upgrading your AC unit to a newer model, you can expect to see dramatic energy savings, reductions on your utility bill, and superior home cooling. Many modern central air conditioners can also dehumidify and filter indoor air, which makes your home a healthier place for you and your family!

At AAA Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand that ac installation is not a “one size fits all” service. We’ll work with you to understand your environment and size your new central AC unit properly so you can enjoy years of indoor comfort. Why wait to install a high-efficiency air conditioner in your Kent home? We offer various kinds, sizes, and brands of air conditioners that are guaranteed to meet your needs.

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Why Install a New Air Conditioning System?

When you call AAA Heating & Air Conditioning, you can rely on our HVAC technicians to find a home cooling system that is perfect for you and your family. Because customer satisfaction is our number one goal, we take the time to understand your specific needs. Then, combining our reliable equipment with our experienced team, we will install a high-quality air conditioner in your home.

By choosing to work with our team of professionals, you can expect all of your AC needs to be met in a timely manner. Our technicians have top level training and qualifications that include NATE, BPI, and EPA certifications. With this kind of expertise, you can rely on our technical expertise to solve just about any air conditioning problem you may be experiencing. We’ve just about heard and seen it all!

AAA Heating & Air Conditioning provides AC installations to multiple areas throughout South King County and Pierce County, including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Algona
  • Auburn
  • Black Diamond
  • Bonney Lake
  • Burien
  • Covington
  • Des Moines
  • Edgewood
  • Enumclaw
  • Federal Way
  • Issaquah
  • Kent
  • Maple Valley
  • Milton
  • Newcastle
  • Normandy Park
  • Pacific
  • Puyallup
  • Ravensdale
  • Renton
  • SeaTac
  • Seattle
  • Sumner
  • Tacoma

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an air conditioner work?

The primary function of an air conditioner is to cool the air inside your home, with the added benefit of lowering the humidity. This process is achieved as the AC pulls the warm air from your home’s interior, runs it over refrigerant-filled coils, and circulates it throughout your living space.

What size air conditioner do I need?

Proper sizing is needed to maximize performance and efficiency, and to avoid these pitfalls:

  • Too big: An AC that is too big will cool your home more quickly, but won’t run long enough to sustain the temperature or remove excess humidity from the air, leading to discomfort and the growth of mold and mildew. An oversized system will also turn off and on more frequently (short-cycling), causing unnecessary stress on system components and reducing the lifespan of your equipment.
  • Too small: A system that is undersized will work harder than necessary in an effort to achieve the desired setpoint on your thermostat, leading to premature system failure, lack of comfort, and frequent, costly repairs.

Can I complete my air conditioner installation myself?

AC installation is complex and should only be performed by a licensed, certified contractor with advanced knowledge of AC system components, refrigeration, and heat transfer. Improper installation by an unlicensed individual may have negative consequences that include:

  • Nullification of your warranty
  • Risk of injury
  • Poor system performance
  • Lack of efficiency
  • Shortened AC life span

What is a SEER rating and why is it important?

Seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) measures the cooling efficiency of an air conditioner or heat pump. This number is calculated by taking the cooling output over a typical season and dividing it by the total output of electrical energy over the same period of time. The higher the SEER value, the more efficient the system is, and most cooling systems manufactured today have a rating between 13 and 21.

Schedule AC Installation in Kent & the Surrounding Areas

Since 1989, AAA Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing expert air conditioning installation services to homeowners throughout the Kent area, with an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction. We use only the most reliable, energy-efficient equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers, and all of our technicians are factory-trained and certified.

Call (253) 234-1278 to schedule AC installation, or contact us online today!

See What Your Neighbors Are Saying

“Received text from Josh the day before our scheduled appointment. Despite icy road conditions and extremely cold temperatures, Josh arrived on time and started working quickly and efficiently to diagnose, repair, and re-test our system. He was professional, informative, and thorough. Excellent customer service and very friendly and efficient service call (Thank you, Heidi!) I would highly recommend this company.”

5 stars from G.C

See What Your Neighbors Are Saying

“It was wonderful experience to have Jeremy come over my place for furnace maintenance. He is very knowledgeable and patience to answer all of my questions. It was great learning to understand how furnace system works and info for maintenance too. Thank you for all your hard work Jeremy!!”

5 stars from M.Y

See What Your Neighbors Are Saying

“Technician contacted prior to arrival with picture and name. Was on time, had on mask and shoe coverings. Was very professional and friendly. Conducted service maintenance in timely fashion and explained what services he completed. Excellent customer service.”

5 stars from K.R.

See What Your Neighbors Are Saying

“AAA replaced my older heat pump with a new upgraded unit and air handler. They were very professional, on time for the installation. It went very smoothly and works great. New unit is very quiet. They were great at their job and very pleasant to deal with. You can’t go wrong with AAA heating & Air Conditioning.”

5 stars from R.S.

See What Your Neighbors Are Saying

“Great company to work with. I love the preventative maintenance plan and how they send me reminders to schedule it. Lots of available appointment times, professional and friendly techs to answer all my questions and troubleshoot. Really happy with their services!”

5 stars from G.B

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