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4 Things Every Washington Homeowner Should Know About HVAC

Posted on: March 21, 2018

If you asked Kent, WA homeowners what they know about HVAC, they might tell you a handful of things. It’s the stuff that keeps you cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and the thing you never want to break down! All true, of course, but at AAA Heating & Air Conditioning our team feels your knowledge should go a little deeper. Knowing these 4 facts about HVAC will help you be a more proactive Washington homeowner!

The Air Filter Is Extremely Important

The air filter is responsible for keeping air flow healthy in any HVAC system. A dusty or clogged filter can drive up your energy costs, it can rob you of heating and cooling power, and if left alone long enough, it can even cause the unit to overheat and breakdown completely.

In order to ensure your HVAC system stays working at its best, be sure to change the filter every month or every other month depending on your use of the system. You’ll feel a difference in your King County home-we’re certain of that.

The Noises Your System Makes Can Tell You a Lot

The usual sounds of an air conditioner or furnace tend to fade into the background and become little more than white noise. That’s why a clank, bang, or chirp can tell you a whole lot about what’s going on in your HVAC system. Odd noises are one of the surest signs that it’s time to call on a repair specialist, and understanding the noises your furnace or cooling system can make will often mean the difference between a simple repair, and a complete system breakdown.

Maintenance Is Crucial

Modern HVAC systems tend to be highly reliable, and very efficient. But they cannot remain functional all on their own! Even through basic or sparse AC use your system is exposed to tons of wear and tear, which gradually leads the unit to a sudden breakdown, or equally likely, leads you to huge energy bills.

Be sure to schedule service twice a year-once in the spring for cooling, and once in the fall for heating-or if you prefer, set up a maintenance program with your trusted HVAC contractor so that you never have to stress about it.

Learn more about our HVAC maintenance services in Washington today!

A Basic Understanding of HVAC Terms

When dealing with a Washington HVAC contractor it can be easy to become confused or lost. There are so many terms and bits of jargon, the technician might as well be speaking wingdings! But knowing what these terms mean enables you to not only understand what the contractor is telling you, but it can also help you call the bluff of a less scrupulous handyman.

Some common HVAC terms include:

  • Compressor. One of the three major components of a cooling system, a compressor’s job is to compress refrigerant to superheat and move it through the system.
  • Condenser. The condenser changes refrigerant from gas to liquid, expelling heat out of your home. The condenser is typically found on the outdoor unit.
  • Evaporator coil. The evaporator coils carry cooled refrigerant, and this is where the blower assembly blows air into your home, over the cool coils, to produce cold air.
  • Refrigerant. Refrigerants can include R-22 (though this is getting phased out), R-410a, and a handful of other types.

Superior HVAC Services in Kent, Washington

When you need HVAC services in the Pacific Northwest, you want experts you can trust! The team at AAA Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to help, offering leading installation, repair, and maintenance services.

Contact us online to find out what we can do for you, or dial (253) 234-1278 to reach a team member now!

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