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How to Prepare Your AC System for Warm Weather

Posted on: February 17, 2021

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It’s that time of year when crocuses will soon peak out of the snow, temperatures will routinely stay in the double digits, and even the groundhogs will begin preparing for spring. We know it’s hard to fathom under all those layers of boots, hats, scarves, and gloves…but now is the time to start thinking about your AC System – before you really need it. Here are a few things you should check to prep your AC system for warm weather:

  • Make sure the air vents aren’t blocked. Do this by clearing any clutter, furniture, or drapery away from the planned AC location. The air vent should have a clear 18 inches if you want to achieve maximum coolness and comfort. While you’re at it, clear away any gunk or dust from the air vents themselves.
  • Check the thermostat light. If your thermostat display is dim, this could indicate that it’s not drawing power as it should. To compensate, your AC may begin to stall, short-cycle, run constantly, or it may not come on at the specified temperature. If the light seems dim, try cutting power to the breaker and cleaning debris from surrounding wires or, if applicable, changing the battery.
  • Give the air filter a refresh. The filter blocks contaminants in the air from entering your home (and your lungs). By changing your air filter every 90 days or so (and we recommend more frequently if you are prone to allergies), you help prevent these contaminants from clogging your system.
  • Check your circuit breaker. Make sure the circuit controlling your AC wasn’t tripped, damaged, or switched off during the winter. We can’t tell you how many times homeowners think their AC is broken when actually it’s as simple as flipping the circuit back to the “on” position.
  • Inspect the condenser unit and lines. Rinse off any debris with regular water, and visually inspect the condenser for signs of damage, holes, or missing panels to ensure the unit doesn’t get damaged by wind and rain. Ensure the lines running through it are well-insulated and not covered in any ice or condensation.
  • Have your AC unit inspected and tuned up annually by a professional. AAA Heating & Air Conditioning’s team of highly qualified AC technicians can conduct a multipoint inspection of your unit to make sure everything’s in working order and identify issues before they become more extensive and costly problems.

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