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How To Winterize Your HVAC System

Posted on: January 20, 2021

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Winter is here, and that means it’s time to get your HVAC system ready to deliver reliable heating throughout the colder season. There are several steps you can take to ensure your HVAC is ready to heat your home throughout the colder months of winter, while also protecting it to provide cooling when warmer temperatures come. Here are the steps the team at AAA Heating & Air Conditioning want you to consider taking.

1. Schedule an HVAC Tune-Up

If you haven’t had your winter tune-up from one of our professional HVAC techs, now is the time to do it. Our maintenance appointment will thoroughly inspect your system and ensure it is properly functioning. The technician who comes to your home will also look for repair issues, so you can tackle them before a breakdown happens.

2. Clean & Cover the Outside Unit

Over the summer and fall, debris can build up around your outdoor unit. While you won’t be relying on the outdoor unit during the winter, this is a good time to cut back some of that overgrowth, so the system will be ready when summer comes. After cleaning around it, consider covering it. This will protect against further debris as well as ice and snow. Just remember to uncover it before you use your cooling system in the summer. You can cut the power supply to the air conditioning unit to ensure you don’t accidentally start it before removing the cover.

3. Create Climate Zones in Your Home

If you have a multi-story home, you know the frustration of rising heat. The heat rises, making the upstairs rooms feel much warmer than those in your home’s downstairs. One way to fix this is by creating climate zones. In the warmer areas of your home, close a few vents. This will force the heated air into the cooler areas, so you have more even heating. Another way to battle this problem is with a zoned system. Zoned systems direct heated air only where it is needed, so you can customize the heating to your home’s temperature patterns.

4. Test the Furnace

Before the really cold weather hits, test the furnace. Bump up the heat high enough that it will kick on, and make sure it’s doing it’s job. You don’t want to find out that you have a furnace problem when the temperatures are dipping below zero, so test it early in the season.

5. Clean Filters & Vents

Clean or change your air filter, and clean your air vents. These steps will improve your indoor air quality and the efficiency of your heating system. Throughout the winter, check and change the air filter monthly, so you can enjoy better indoor air quality free from unwanted dust and debris.

It’s not hard to winterize your HVAC system, but it does take a little work. If you’re looking for professional help with this process, reach out to the team at AAA Heating & Air Conditioning. You can call us at (253) 234-1278 or contact us online for help today.

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