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High Efficiency Air Conditioners Produce Big Results

Air Conditioning Kent WAIt’s A Really Good Deal! When you choose a high efficiency central air conditioner you’ll be more comfortable in your home. But the good stuff doesn’t stop there. An ENERGY STAR® or other high efficiency AC system produces substantial savings in your energy consumption that will lead to dramatic savings on your utility bill.

Did You Know? Your home heating and cooling represent 50% of your utility bill. When you consider that, it’s easy to see how important it is to upgrade your air conditioner.

Air Conditioners – How Do I Choose The Right One?
We’ll help you with that. Central air conditioners provide home cooling and can also dehumidify, and filter your home’s air, making it cleaner too! We’ll get the right fit for you by understanding your needs.

  1. Do you have hot or cold spots in your home?
  2. Does anyone in the house have allergies?
  3. Where do you spend most of the time in your home?
  4. Would you like to save money on your utility bill?
  5. How long do you plan on living in your home?

These are just some of the questions our trained experts will ask. Upgrading your air conditioner is not a one size fits all. We’ll make sure to understand your environment and size your new central air conditioner properly so that you’ll have years of indoor comfort.

Get Comfortable With A High Efficiency Air Conditioner. AAA Heating & Air Conditioning offers a broad lineup of high efficiency air conditioners. We’ll help you find an AC unit to fit your budget and needs. Get A Quote, Ask An Expert or Call today: (253) 234-1278

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