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Common Ductless Heat Pump Applications



Ductless Heat Pumps Offer Versatility!

Just about anyone can benefit from adding a ductless system. In today’s world there are many reasons to choose a ductless heat pump system.  Some people choose ductless because they want AC, while others are looking to upgrade an old furnace or heat pump to a super high efficiency ductless heat pump. There are many reasons to go ductless.  Following are some common ductless heat pump applications:

Replacing an existing outdated heating system – Ductless heat pumps are a great replacement for outdated methods of heating like electric baseboard heaters, cadet heaters, wall units, woodstove, and pellet stoves.

When you need to heat or cool one room – Many older homes have insufficient ducting or may have had a previous re-model with not ducts in one area.  A ductless system will heat and cool that room or rooms and save you the cost of adding expensive ducting to new parts of your home.

Any home adding air conditioning – A ductless heat pump has the duel benefit of heating and cooling, making it one of the best buys in the market.

When it’s time to upgrade your furnace or heat pump – You may benefit from a ductless heat pump if your furnace or heat pump is 10 years old or more. Today’s ductless unit offers huge improvements in efficiency and you may qualify for tax rebates and incentives.

When you want zoned heating and cooling –  A ductless mini-split systems can be installed to provide zoned heating and cooling in a home. Each unit provides for the specific heating and cooling needs of the room, or “zone.” Zoning with a ductless mini-split system may be preferred over installing a zoning system for traditional heating and cooling equipment due to cost.

Room additions and remodeling projects– This is a perfect time to go ductless. If you’re planning on adding a room to your home or converting an attic or garage into living space, ductless is a great option. Rather than extending the home’s existing ductwork or pipes or adding electric resistance heaters, the ductless heat pump can provide efficient heating AND cooling.

Anyone interested in Indoor Air Quality – When you go ductless, you are off to a good start as a ductless system is not forcing air through dirty duct work.  Ductless offers a cleaner solution as the air is delivered directly to your living environment.

Condos and townhomes – Condos are perfect candidates for a ductless system. Quiet, compact outdoor units can fit easily on terrace or patio spaces.

New construction – new homes can be designed or adapted to take advantage of the characteristics of ductless heat pumps. Typically one or more systems might be installed in various “zones” of the house to simplify installation.

Ductless heat pumps are perfect for Kent, WA. Find out how a ductless heat pump can save money, save energy and provide a higher level of comfort. Call (253) 656-6999.

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