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Ductless Contractor

How To Hire A Ductless Contractor in Kent WA

It’s The Most Important Decision To Make  

Taking the time to make sure you hire the right ductless contractor in Kent, Washington will go a long way toward a successful installation.  A professional HVAC contractor will be able to evaluate your home, make a good recommendation and will be sure to properly size your ductless system for optimal performance.

Benefits of hiring a professional ductless heat pump contractor:

  • A professional installation means properly sized equipment that will perform at peak performance and keep you comfortable all year long.
  • Peace of mind. A lot can go wrong in the hands of an inexperienced HVAC technician. Your comfort and safety are on the line.  Hiring a Daikin 3D and NATE-certified technician gives you training that is second to none.
  • Fewer callbacks: The technician gets the job done right the first time around so you’re not stuck troubleshooting equipment that was just installed.
  • Lower operating cost and utility bills. A properly installed ductless system pays for itself by resulting in the equipment running at peak performance.
  • Quick diagnosis and resolution in the event a repair is required.

Start by looking for a contractor with good credentials.

Look for the Mark Of Excellence. A Daikin 3D dealer has credentials that are significant:

  1. Daikin 3D Dealers offer the best warranty in the business. Warranty Plus covers 10 years on compressor and 7 years on parts of selected products.
  2. Daikin 3D Dealers has completed more than 80 hours of rigorous training on products, service and installation so you can expect them to get it right the first time.
  3. Daikin 3D Dealers are committed to the highest level of service and satisfaction.

 Look for a contractor that holds NATE Certification.
It’s the highest level or certification a HVAC contractor can have. North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is a third-party, non-profit certification program for HVAC technicians. It provides rigorous training to ensure technicians know how to properly install, maintain and repair various types of HVAC systems, including ductless units. NATE is the only certification program with HVAC industry-wide recognition.

Look for experience installing Ductless Heat Pumps
A contractor with extensive experience in ductless installations is more likely to provide a flawless installation resulting in peak efficiency and performance.

As a Daikin 3D ductless contractor with NATE certification in Kent, Washington, we’ve got you covered!  Get A Quote or call today for a complimentary consultation. (253) 656-6999

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