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Aeroseal Duct Sealing in Kent, WA

Well-sealed ducts save money, eliminate unwanted drafts, and help keep your home a consistent temperature from top to bottom—and nothing beats Aeroseal duct sealing for cost-efficiency or effectiveness. The unique aerosol sealant used in your Aeroseal duct sealing service will locate every hole and crack in your ductwork and seal it against wasted airflow, with a computer-generated before-and-after to show concrete results.

The home and duct sealing specialists at AAA Heating & Air Conditioning offer leading duct sealing solutions to homeowners in Kent, Federal Way, Auburn, Renton, and more! With our extensive experience and adherence to quality products and reliable solutions, no team out there can offer the results and leading service that we can!

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How Aeroseal Works to Seal Leaky Ducts

Step 1 — The Aeroseal process begins with a technician preparing your ducts for service by sealing the vents of your HVAC system and putting a temporary block in to prevent airflow through the fans, furnaces, and other delicate components of your system. This way, when we pump air into your system, it will be forced to exit exclusively through the various leaks of your ducts.

Step 2 — Once we run a diagnostic of your system, we’ll understand the level of leakage we’re dealing with and will have some idea of what will be necessary to get it sealed fully. This is when we begin to inject the Aeroseal aerosol sealant into your ducts.

Step 3 — When exiting through leaks, the sealant deposits on the edge and gradually seals the opening from the inside. Once the process is complete and we can tell the sealant is set, we will run a second diagnostic test on your ducts and model the results. You’ll be able to see hard data showing the difference in leakage before the treatment and after it!

Stop wasting money on the air you pay for! Contact us today for duct sealing in Kent, WA to see the difference Aeroseal will make in your home.

Why Use Aeroseal for Duct Sealing?

The simplest reason to choose Aeroseal as your duct sealing solution is simple science: In studies comparing Aeroseal to traditional manual duct sealing, Aeroseal comes out about 60% more effective and 30% less expensive. Manual duct sealing may be lucky to seal half of the leaks in your ductwork, while Aeroseal generally pushes your ducts to about 95% efficiency. The wide gap in results comes down to a few key benefits of Aeroseal:

  • It can easily reach physically inaccessible parts of ducts. You don’t even need to know the location of a leak, or have a way to get to it with tools; so long as the air exits the duct there, Aeroseal will seal the opening.
  • Computer analysis of leakage before and after allows technicians applying Aeroseal treatments to gain a complete picture of your ductwork, meaning they don’t miss critical leaks because they were in difficult-to-notice or difficult-to-reach locations. When the technician leaves, you have concrete results in hand.

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Choose AAA Heating & Air Conditioning for Aeroseal Duct Sealing in Kent, WA

AAA Heating & Air Conditioning offers Kent residents superior service quality, using cutting-edge techniques and tools. Whether you’re looking for duct sealing via Aeroseal or looking for other ways to improve the efficiency or efficacy of your HVAC systems, AAA Heating & Air Conditioning can deliver results.

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We provide Aeroduct sealing services to homes in Kent, Washington as well as in the following Seattle, Washington areas.

  • Algona
  • Auburn
  • Black Diamond
  • Bonney Lake
  • Burien
  • Covington
  • Des Moines
  • Edgewood
  • Enumclaw
  • Federal Way
  • Issaquah
  • Kent
  • Maple Valley
  • Milton
  • Newcastle
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  • Ravensdale
  • Renton
  • Sea-Tac
  • Seattle
  • Sumner
  • Tacoma
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