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Duct Sealing in Kent, WA

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Warm summers and cold winters in Kent, plus the surrounding areas of King County, demand that you have sturdy home heating and cooling. You also need your HVAC system to work as efficiently as possible during every season. Leaking ducts and ducts that aren’t quite optimized can lead to an unnecessary loss of conditioned air, which can cause higher bills, lower comfort levels, and even poor indoor air quality. That’s why AAA Heating & Air Conditioning provides full-service duct sealing in Kent, Washington!

As leading HVAC and duct service specialists, we can help you to gain and retain higher comfort levels and air quality through extensive duct sealing services. We utilize Aeroseal duct sealing equipment and processes, ensuring we bring you the highest quality services and most reliable solutions possible.

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Air Duct Sealing Services

Your HVAC system’s ducts are solely responsible for moving conditioned air throughout your home. When holes or leaks are present, much of this air is lost, meaning your system has to work harder than it should to keep up. Professional air duct sealing works to completely remove air leaks by filling in small pinholes and fixing poor duct connections, which are both common results of simple use and wear.

We Use the Aeroseal Duct Sealing Process

Well-sealed ducts save money, eliminate unwanted drafts, and help keep your home a consistent temperature from top to bottom—and nothing beats Aeroseal duct sealing for cost-efficiency or effectiveness. The unique aerosol sealant used in your Aeroseal duct sealing service will locate every hole and crack in your ductwork and seal it against wasted airflow, with a computer-generated before-and-after to show concrete results.

We provide the following air duct sealing services in the Kent, WA area:

  • A thorough diagnosis of your ductwork’s health
  • A photo analysis of ducts to see where tools cannot reach
  • An air leak test to locate problem areas
  • A full review of the duct system to ensure the accuracy of our service

Signs of an Air Duct Leak

Do you think you might need duct sealing, but you’re not sure? Or, are you interested in learning more about the common signs of leaky ducts? The professionals at AAA Heating & Air Conditioning can help! Here are some signs of an air duct leak:

  • Weak heating and cooling from your HVAC system
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Increased amount of dust in the air
  • Hissing or whistling sounds coming from exposed ductwork or within walls
  • Increased energy bills

When any of these issues arise, or if you start to notice multiple signs at once, you can trust our duct sealing specialists to provide complete energy audits and inspections to assess your needs.

Duct Sealing in Kent, WA

The experienced and expertly trained duct service specialists at AAA Heating & Air Conditioning have been serving homeowners in the Puget Sound region for more than 25 years. We hold and maintain NATE, BPI, and EPA certifications, so you can rest easy knowing that when you choose our experts—you’re choosing the best in the business.

We know the weather in Washington can be rough and unpredictable. That’s why you need HVAC and duct sealing services you can trust! When you let a professional assess and solve the problems in your home, you are working to keep your family comfortable all year long. Let us help!

Schedule a duct sealing service online or give us a call at (253) 234-1278 to speak with our professionals in the Kent, WA area!

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