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AAA’S Safety Interaction Guidelines

We remain operational and have taken every possible precaution while in your home

Essential Service Business

  • AAA Heating & Air Conditioning has taken every precaution possible to ensure the safety
    of our customers as well as our co- workers. As we have been categorized as an
    essential in-home service provider, we will continue working diligently and safely to
    make sure that our customers do not experience untimely system failures, or an
    unhealthy home environment. We do this by making sure we stay on schedule and
    continue to reduce the airborne and surface landing contaminates that come through
    or, accumulate and grow in your furnace and duct system.

Shelter in place

  • As we are being asked to spend most of our time indoors, and as experts are now saying
    this could go on for several months, it is imperative that our indoor environments are
    keeping us all healthy and safe, which is the end goal of our entire team.

AAA’s Interaction Guidelines – Our commitments to you:

  • Our Indoor Air and HVAC specialist will not attempt to shake your hand when at your
  • AAA will never allow a co-worker to report to work if they are sick or even feeling a little
    under the weather.
  • Before reporting to work, we record the temperature of each in home representative. If
    it is escalated past the normal (standard) 98.6 degrees, they are not allowed to report for
  • Our Indoor Air and HVAC Specialists will not ask you to physically sign any documents or
    initial our field IPADS. If a payment authorization is needed, our technicians will ask to
    initial on your behalf.
  • Our Indoor Air and HVAC Specialists will wear shoe protectors, Nitrile gloves and even
    respirators upon your request.
  • Our Indoor Air and HVAC Specialists will maintain 6 feet of separation at all time
  • Our Indoor Air and HVAC Specialists will not touch your indoor thermostat without
    protection, nor will they touch any indoor surfaces.
  • If our homeowners prefer, our Indoor Air and HVAC Specialist will call you to avoid face
    to face interaction while they are working on your system from its physical location to
    share any findings or necessary actions to ensure safety and avoid costly breakdowns.

The AAA Team remains comfortable providing in home services in your home, and if
the above guidelines have you feeling more comfortable after having read them,
please feel free to schedule your Service, Maintenance , Duct Cleaning or Installation
with us at your convenience. We also understand if you would prefer to wait.

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