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Sub Panel Wiring in Kent, WA

For complete and safe electrical access in your home every system, tool, and appliance needs a secure line to the breaker panel. In many cases, though, a single point of access isn’t quite enough. For sub panel services in Kent, WA and the surrounding areas you can count on AAA Heating & Air Conditioning to bring you quality electrical services you can trust!

Our licensed and certified electricians have been offering Washington clients in-depth electrical services for years—installation, corrections, troubleshooting, you name it. By putting your needs and safety first, our teams can offer cost-effective solutions that are a cut above the rest.

Looking for licensed electricians in Kent, WA or King County? Contact AAA Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment!

Reasons to Install A Sub Panel in Kent, WA

Not everyone is familiar with sub panels, and in fact many don’t even recognize the term. Put simply a sub panel acts as a waypoint for your circuitry and wiring, performing as something of an extension of your main breaker panel. A sort of mini, or side, panel. Sub panels are typically used to streamline electrical access, helping to both distribute the load and to give you a more functional and easy means of controlling electrical access in your home.

It’s important to understand that a sub panel does not add more incoming electricity to your home, nor does it increase the capacity of the main breaker. The sub panel must be sized effectively according to your main panel’s maximum capacity to ensure safety and function, which is why hiring a trained contractor is highly advised!

Where might you need a sub panel, and why should you install one?

These situations are good ones:

  • To minimize load drop. Smaller wiring, such as outdoor lights, can have some trouble maintaining a final load amount if they’re too far from your main access panel. In these cases a sub panel is the ideal solution.
  • To provide simplified access in a home addition. Guest homes, outbuildings, or home additions often find themselves out of the bounds of your main access panel. This can not only cause the load drop issues mentioned above, but it’s also a pain if you need to reset a breaker. A sub panel simplifies this, and helps you keep an eye on your breakers when needed.
  • To add more circuits safely. There are many situations where a panel still can provide plenty of load, but simply lacks the space for additional breakers and circuits to be installed. In these situations the homeowner can go for a panel upgrade, but a sub panel installation is often quicker and cheaper overall when viable.

Licensed Electricians for Sub Panel Wiring in Kent, WA

Need the advantage of more electrical access in your home, or looking for more function and safety? The professionals at AAA Heating & Air Conditioning can offer swift, streamlined solutions for you!

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